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Diamonds Are Wild
 Dave Harrold 


The Women of Trachis



Viveca Smith Publishing

Sophocles' Women of Trachis, written in the 5th century BCE, focuses on themes of love, beauty, violence, and destruction. The work examines obsession and desire, set in the context of a achingly beautiful but violent world. Translated by Viveca Smith.

Get ready for the third installment of the Rock Pounder series! Diamonds Are Wild will be the perfect  read for the ​Spring of 2023! Rock is back with his band of misfits, trying to save Las Vegas from a terrorist attack. But something isn't quite adding up.

With a high profile kidnapping that doesn't quite make sense and his relationship with Penelope on the rocks,  Rock has to decide: Is this really a hot game or is the fast action a bluff?  Las Vegas hangs in the balance, as Rock and the guys work with the government agencies to figure out what is really going on. Someone on the inside seems to be working against them, and time is running out. Stay tuned as Rock and the gang take Las Vegas by storm!


The Sheep at the Top

of the Stairs

By Jan Seabaugh

Many of us have elderly parents or parents who have passed away after long illnesses or infirmities. But who were they for most of their lives? How would they like for us to remember them? Jan Seabaugh's book of poetry lets us see her mother as a vital, essential human being who lived an influential life that resonates through her children. In Jan Seabaugh's mother, we see our own parents in this universal ode to those we love.