Viveca Smith Publishing


Viveca Smith graduated from Baylor University with degrees in Classical/Hellenistic Greek and English Literature. She received her M.A. and Ph.D. from the University of Texas at Dallas in Studies in Literature with an emphasis on Classical Greek and Translation Studies.  In 2004, she founded Viveca Smith Publishing with the intention of publishing books with an international theme.

When a publisher is as small as our company, the general thinking is to be a niche publisher--find one area where you can stand out and focus on that area. However, the niche concept feels so limiting. We really want to publish books that represent all facets of life, which is why we are publishing poetry, fiction, classics, and children's books.​ We are proud of  the books we have published so far and can't wait to bring our new works to a wide audience.

Because we can only work on several projects as a time, we are currently not accepting submissions, but we plan to change that in the near future! Follow us here and on Twitter for news and information!