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Rock Pounder takes  on a cartel and an unknown terrorist group, as threats to Vegas multiply in this third installment of the Rock Pounder series by Dave Harrold.

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The Sheep at the Top of the Stairs might at first seem an odd title for a book-length sequence that chronicles the poet’s widowed mother’s steady and irreversible descent into forgetting. But this is also, in equal measure, an act of remembering, remembering not the woman “blunted” by Alzheimer’s, but the strong-willed and incandescent personality who was the beating heart of her family’s life. In poems that are plainspoken, clear-eyed, and mercifully free of sentimentality and special pleading, Jan Seabaugh reconstructs her mother’s history in telling and intimate detail so that we might come to know her as she was. 

 Max Westler, former director of writing programs at Saint Mary’s College and author of Civil Defense and Other Poems.

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Sophocles' Women of Trachis, written in the 5th century BCE, focuses on themes of love, beauty, violence, and destruction. The work examines obsession and desire, set in the context of a achingly beautiful but violent world. Translated by Viveca Smith.