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Viveca Smith Publishing is proud to announce the second book in the Rock Pounder Series:

                                                                     The Key to Cabo

McKinney, TX—August 15, 2016—Author Dave Harrold’s unlikely motorcycle-riding hero returns in this contemporary, high-spirited thriller, the second book in the Rock Pounder series.

Danger is a way of life for Rock Pounder, so when the DEA asks him to recover $250 million in drug money hidden somewhere in Mexico, the 10% finder’s fee makes the risk worthwhile for Rock and his team. But when his beautiful publisher Penelope Dickens Frost finds herself in possession of a key that leads to the drug money, he finds trouble on more levels than he ever expected.

Penelope is one of the only women who hasn’t immediately fallen for Rock’s charms, but things heat up as the two of them race across the Mexican desert on Rock’s dirt bike, with drug lord El Raton in hot pursuit.

 From Dallas to Cabo San Lucas and into mainland Mexico, Rock and Penelope follow the money trail, with Rock’s unique team aiding in the escapade. But someone on the inside is betraying them. And publisher Penelope Dickens Frost proves to be almost more than even Rock Pounder can handle in this high octane thriller, the second book in the Rock Pounder series.

About the author:

 Dave Harrold is the author of Motorcycle High: The Adventures of Rock Pounder and The Key to Cabo, the second book in the Rock Pounder series. Harrold is originally from Chatsworth, California, and he also lived in Huntington Beach, California before moving to Texas. He is a motorcycle adventure rider and has traveled all over the world on his Kawasaki KLR. Harrold’s true-life adventures are woven into the fabric of his Rock Pounder tales, and he is currently working on the third book in the Rock Pounder series.


ISBN: 9780974055114, Paper, $13.99, 287 pp

ISBN: 9780974055183, Ebook, $3.99, 287 pp

Release date: October 7, 2016,,